Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016 and Happy New Year from the Biesingers!

Merry Christmas from, Geoff, Rachel, Kai, Hana, Aya and Aya!
メリークリスマス あけましておめでとうございます  

What an amazing year it has been for our family! As most of you know, we spent January-June running the Mikuni International College in a rural mountain town in Japan and loved it. You can read about our adventures on our family blog at if you are interested. This was our girls first time to Japan and we had so much fun introducing them to some of our favorite places, food and people. Geoff was the principal and Rachel was the vice principal (aka the mom) of the school so we were all very busy. Hana and Aya loved playing with all the students.  We lived near the school along with all of our students who came from all over Japan and we really became a family. We love and miss our students and Mikuni staff so much! Geoff is continuing to work with Mikuni as the principal of their Ejuku (online) classes and we keep in contact with all of our students. In fact, one of the Mikuni students, decided to come to the U.S. for her last 2 years of high school and is now part of our family while she is doing that! Her name is Aya Nagano, so yes, we have 2 Ayas in our family!



Our Mikuni family in May at the dinner dance-miss you all so much!
私たちのファミリー ダンスパーティーにて とても寂しく思います!
When we came back from Japan we moved into a home in Riverton, Utah, close to Daybreak where we lived before. We love our neighborhood, ward and schools here.

While we were traveling we also had the opportunity to go to Hawaii again! It was so great to see our Ohana there because we miss them a lot. Love and aloha to all of you! And thanks so much for your hospitality Murdocks, we loved spending time with you!


Quick update on everyone:

Kai stayed with another American family in South Jordan while we were in Japan so he could keep going to school here. It was kind of funny that he was in the U.S. while we were in Japan! We had the chance to meet his family in person while we were in Kyoto and we all got along really well. They took us to a really cool secret Ninja hideout themed restaurant and it was amazing!
With the Sawai family in front of the cool Ninja restaurant in Kyoto

Kai is a senior at American Heritage now and is continuing to enjoy his B Boy and Hip Hop company dance classes. He had the opportunity to choreograph and teach dances to other boys in his class for the fall concert and it was really fun to watch. He graduates in June!


Kai and Aya blowing out the candles on their cakes at the Bushman family August birthday party
Kai playing with Hana and Aya 
Aya (Nagano) had her whole life change when she and her parents decided to have her finish high school here in Utah this summer. Now she is here, as part of our family and doing really well adjusting to doing school in English, American culture, having siblings etc. She also goes to American Heritage and is learning the guitar, sign language and Quidditch along with all of the regular classes. We’re so happy to have her here with us! 

The first time we met Aya at our school, last February. In this picture we have 2 Ayas and 2 Hanas!

Kai and Aya's first day of school this year at American Heritage in South Jordan in August
Hana is in the 5th grade now and is loving her teacher and new school, here in Riverton. She loved living in Japan and some of her favorite things from that experience were: becoming friends with all of our students (and Japanese girls her age wherever we went!) eating lots of yummy seaweed and Japanese candy, going to Tokyo Disneyland and being spoiled by her Japanese grandparents.

Lamby and Hana enjoying some delicious ramen at a place near our home in Japan.
Aya (the younger) is a 2nd grader and is enjoying it a lot. She also loved Japan and some of her favorite things from the experience were: playing with all of our students and in the playroom she and Hana had in the school, seeing the baby monkeys that lived around our school, eating chicken katsu and chocolate eggs and collecting the little toys that come inside and also going to Tokyo Disneyland and being spoiled by her Japanese grandparents.

Aya blowing out the candles on her R2D2 cake at her Star Wars birthday party for her 7th birthday!

Geoff and I (Rachel) finally started the business that we’ve dreamed of for a long time! We work to help Japanese students succeed in college and ESL programs in Utah and Hawaii. I really enjoy being the American mom and arranging the right school and living situation for each student, Geoff great at using his schooling and experience to help our students make progress with their English and their studies at school. We really think studying here is very beneficial, but challenging so we are working hard to help as many Japanese students study here as we can. We are also continuing to run our organizing business and I love helping people simplify and organize their lives. I also teach meal planning classes and love all the people that I meet that attend those. We are really busy running these 2 businesses but we love doing what we do!

With our Japanese family, the Ishiis in Gifu! We love them so much and they treated us like royalty both times we stayed at their home! 
 We are so thankful for all that the Lord has blessed us with this year. We have had so many amazing experiences, grown closer as a family and learned we can do challenging things with Heavenly Father's help and direction. We are so thankful for our Savior and to love celebrating Him this Christmas season. We are continually amazed and thankful for all the wonderful people He puts in our life. Thank you so much for all your love and support.  We love you all and hope you all have a wonderful 2017!

At the Joseph Smith Memorial Building on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, UT


  1. Ray! Thanks for the blog post. Love you guys so much

  2. So great to catch up on your lives! We are LONG overdue for a dinner or lunch together! If you still have my number will you text me?